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Green Jobs-AP is an ILO-sponsored Community of Practice (CoP) that promotes green jobs as a way of generating decent employment in the transition to the green economy. It aims to support the sharing and leveraging of knowledge, deepen understanding of the issues and encourage networking and debate among ILO constituents, committed professionals and practitioners, including those interested in the broader aspects of poverty reduction and sustainable development.

Currently, due to resource constraints, the COP is only providing access to Green Jobs knowledge resources, such as research papers, reports, training materials and multimedia.

Information on upcoming events (including workshops, courses and e-courses, seminars and more), and relevant news items can be found on the main ILO website,

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Watch our latest video on COP21: "We should not fear the transition to a green economy" - ILO Deputy Director
At a COP 21 side event, Gilbert Houngbo, ILO Deputy Director Field Operations and Partnerships, explains that while moving to a sustainable economy will have profound implications for the world of work, with the right policies in place, many tens of millions of jobs can be created.
"We should not fear the transition to a green economy" - ILO Deputy Director
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