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AP Green Jobs Network E-discussions

The Asia Pacific Green Jobs Network e-discussions are moderated by specialists/ technical champions on selected topics related to green jobs.

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You can find links for on-going discussion (below) and past e-discussions (left hand side).

Upcoming Discussion: August 2015. "Green Jobs For Youth"

Join our e-discussion on "Green Jobs for Youth" here! From September 10–25, 2015 we will be posting facts and questions about Green Jobs for Youth on our Community of Practice! 

Our ILO Specialists on Environment and Decent Work (Green Jobs) and on Youth Employment will be moderating the discussion. Our experts and community members will address any of your comments and questions.

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Past E-Discussions

E-discussion on Green Jobs for Youth

(6 - 20 December 2012)

E-discussion on Skills for Green Jobs

(15 November - 2 December 2011)