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Brainstorming on approaches to HCFCs phaseout in R/AC servicing sector in South Asia beyond 2015

Stage I of the HCFC Phaseout Management Plans (HPMP) in some Asian countries are concluding in 2014; they have started preparing a Stage II plan for 2016-2020. For others, the implementation of the existing HPMP – with financial support from the Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol (MLF) – will continue to 2020.

    When Aug 28, 2014 09:30 AM to
    Aug 29, 2014 05:30 PM
    Where Bangkok, Thailand
    Attendees UNEP CAP pool of South Asia experts on the R/AC Servicing sector, ILO Environment and Decent Work Specialist,
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    These initial years of HPMPs implementation have focused on enabling these countries to achieve 2013 and 2015 control targets under the Montreal Protocol. When countries have had important manufacturing sector, priority has been given to the conversations of industries using HCFC-141b and - to some extent - to those using HCFC-22. For others with big consumption in the servicing sector only, the phaseout is being achieved mainly through ODS control policy making, strengthening of enforcement capability, promotion of good practice in the refrigeration & air-conditioning (R/AC) servicing, and awareness-raising.

    In the coming years, reduction of HCFCs consumption in the R/AC sector will be expected to contribute more to the overall national phaseout targets. In light of the growth in the R/AC manufacturing sector and technology development/ change over, UNEP as HPMP Implementing Agency feels the needs to develop a set of model approaches in further phaseout HCFCs consumption in this challenging sector.

    Objective and Expected Outputs

    HPMP Stage I has started generating some valuable lessons and offering insight into the challenges the R/AC servicing sector will face in the coming years as HPMP advance. This brainstorming is called by UNEP Compliance Assistance Programme (CAP) to collect strategic elements for R/AC servicing sector phaseout for the period of 2016-2020 in South Asia.

    Among the expected outputs of the brainstorming are the following:

    • Data and reference material that can be used to finalize a UNEP strategy on HCFCs phaseout in the R/AC Servicing sector, 2016-2020
    • A documentation on up-coming consumption trends in the R/AC servicing sector and key drivers
    • A documentation on lessons learned from HPMP Stage I implementation (what worked and what are not working)
    • A report of the brainstorming discussion summary


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