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Agenda and Day 1

In this folder you find the agenda for the workshop as well as the presentations from the first day.
This is the agenda for the Visioning Workshop on Establishing a Regional Community of Practice for Green Jobs in Asia and the Pacific.
Session 1- Introduction
This session contained an ice-breaker exercise, review of the agenda and the objectives of the Visioning Workshop. One issue worth mentioning is that the founding members jointly have more than 115 years of experience in working on Green Jobs.
Session 2 - Basics of Communities of Practice
This session is about the basics of working through CoPs.
Session 3 - ILO ROAP sponsored CoPs
In this session, the facilitator illustrated other ILO sponsored CoPs in Asia and the Pacific.
Session 4 -Structured Story Telling
In this session, the participants shared their experiences on Green Jobs, first in their respective groups and then in plenary.
Session 5.1 - A way forward
In this session the facilitator presented the results of an exercise on Day 1 where the participants positioned the CoP on Green Jobs.
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