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GBO Resource book on circular economy

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During a time of environmental degradation and resource shortage, the concept of environmentalism has been used exclusively during “conference” among developed countries, and has become a hot topic for governments, enterprises, civil society organizations and citizens around the world. Policy orientation and consumer demand have become more favorable towards eco-friendly products, urging capital and technology to shift towards business which also provides environmental benefits. The circular economy, from its inception to its development, benefits from this context.

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Environmental problems cannot be addressed solely by government policies and civil society measures. The circular economy not only provides a solution pathway to environmental problems but also opens the door to opportunities for the business-minded. Over-reporting by media on a newly emerging industry will usually exaggerate the potential business opportunities, or neglect the risks involved in industrial development. For entrepreneurs who are determined to break through the shortage of business model resources in China, it is necessary to accurately understand government policies, the development of the supporting market and to learn from the experiences and lessons of pioneers in the related market.
In this regard, this handbook is aimed to provide available policy-related information, market opportunities, and successful cases of pioneer entrepreneurs for those interested in starting a business in the circular economy industry. With this handbook, entrepreneurs will be able to gain a full understanding of policies in the circular economy, civil supporting resources and operational experiences from business pioneers in this industry.


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