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GBO Resource book on distributed renewable energy

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Ever since the 1970s, countries in the world have attached great importance to the exploitation and utilization of renewable energy due to various factors such as the oil crisis and climate change. In particular, energy security and environmental protection have become critical issues since we entered the 21st century. Many countries have a strategic focus on investing in and utilizing renewable energy, taking it as an important technical option in face of energy shortage, environmental protection and climate change mitigation. Laws, policies, planning and regulations were drawn to guide and encourage the development of renewable energy.

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Distributed renewable energy (DRE) is a new way of energy utilization using renewable energy to generate power through small user-end equipments. According to current understandings, DRE mainly refers to distributed electricity generation, including off-grid and grid-connected generation. The advantage of DRE is that it can not only generate electricity, but also effectively meet the people’s various demands in daily work and life, such as heat supply, refrigeration and cooking. With improving living standards, the DRE market will expand exponentially.

At the present stage, utilization of renewable energy mainly includes supply-end mass utilization and distribution-end distributed utilization. Nowadays, mass utilization of renewable energy is mainly controlled by large centrally-administrated enterprises, power groups and state-owned enterprises so it’s hard for private entrepreneurs to enter the market. But the distributed utilization of renewable energy provides good opportunities to start a business.
Against the background of global response to climate change mitigation, energy conservation and emissions reduction, the development of DRE will gradually become the direction and core force of the energy revolution. While fuelling the green energy revolution, DRE also brings great business opportunities. In particular for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs, it will break the monopoly of the energy industry and create a new industry with trillions of market value.
This resource book focuses on the utilization of renewable energy such as wind energy, solar energy, small hydroelectric and biomass energy, as well as the distributed generation and distributed uses of other energy, such as solid molded fuels and biological liquid fuels.
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