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GBO Resource book on eco-forestry and forest products

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Ecological forestry and forests products, as opposed to traditional forestry where there is excessive exploitation, emphasizes that forest resources should not harvested at the expense of destroying the forest and the environment. It emphasizes on a balance between ecological equilibrium and forest logging and on the integrative harvesting of forest resources, such as “integrative forestry”. On one hand, we should not lay exclusive emphasis on the protection of forest resources. Local residences, forest owners and managers require profits in the reasonable management of the forest to motivate them to cooperate. On the other hand, as it takes a relatively long period of time to renew forest resources, which, once destroyed, are hard to be restored, we should avoid predatory exploitation, excessive deforestation and ignorance of afforestation.

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In recent years, the global ecological environment is deteriorating; water pollution, air pollution and global warming are becoming increasingly worse. In response to this problem, countries around the world are pursuing sustainable development to enhance ecological benefit, economic benefit and social overall benefit of commercial activities, according to the principles of environmental protection, recycling and sustainable development and by means of modern technologies and management patterns. Ecological forestry, which can improve the climate, preserve water resources and renew itself, has become a unique field of resource management and has become one of the most important issues on the agenda of many countries. It has become a new target for investment and has become a cradle of numerous new technologies, new commercial patterns and new market demands.
This handbook intends to review the available policy resources and market opportunities and provide cases of pioneer companies for entrepreneurs who want to do business in the ecological industry and exploration of forest products.
By reading this handbook, entrepreneurs will be able to have a general picture of the policy resources, supporting resources and successful experiences of business management in the field of ecological forestry and forests products.


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