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GBO Resource book on recycling and waste management

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Resource recovery has been attracting more and more attention in China in recent years, for it is not only good for the environment by reducing the waste, but will also generate considerable economic benefits. More importantly, the advancement of resource recovery will lay a solid foundation for the establishment of circular economy and sustainable development of China.

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At the current stage, the recovery industry in China still faces various issues, such as uneven development within the industry and severe secondary pollution, which has restrained the industry from playing its role in economic development and environmental protection. The industry is in urgent need for greener and more efficient enterprises to enhance the overall level of the whole industry.

The Book was complied to provide useful information, operation skills and market analysis for people interested in starting green business in the resource recovery industry, and help them in their first step of green entrepreneurship. Of course, the information provided by this Book is not enough to guide the entrepreneurial practice, so we also attach the contact information of several government agencies, industrial associations and non-governmental organizations to the Book. We hope that readers will have an extensive and profound understanding of the industry, master the market dynamics of the industry, and make a meaningful attempt to start a green business.
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