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Green Jobs DySAM Workshop Level II, 16-25 June 2014, Malaysia

In mid-June 2014, a eight-day workshop took place in Cyberjaya, Malaysia, as part of the capacity development (third) phase of Green Jobs Malaysia, that contributes to transferring DySAM technology and related methodologies to provide the government and other national institutions the means to use the DySAM and ensure its sustainability over the medium term. The main objective of this activity is to increase the capacity of participants to use a DySAM, cooperate on green job policy development, and to support the use of evidence-based policies for a transition to a green economy in Malaysia. Subsequently to building and making operative the DySAM, it is indeed necessary to transfer this ‘technology’ to counterpart local staff and other professionals wishing to become fully involved in the use of DySAM to support macroeconomic policy design processes.

Green Jobs Malaysia delivers such a technology transfer in two main steps or training levels.

The first level – delivered during this workshop – covers I-O/SAM accounting and modelling while the second covers training on DySAM.

The second level training is divided in two parts:

1- Review:

1.1- SAM/DySAM model layout and formulae

1.2- Satellites: Expansion and Extension (ESAM) with Green Jobs technology, Employment and Emission

1.3- Analysis of model indicators

1.4- Scenario simulation and impact analysis


2- Using Vensim for SAM/DySAM analysis

2.1- DySAM flow chart, menus, documentation review

2.2 - Updating macro compiler: methods

2.3- DySAM algorithm

2.4- SAM model for policy simulation and DySAM update

2.5 - Decomposition, averages and correlations

2.6- Maintaining and updating the DySAM


Lectures alternated with hands-on exercises with Excel and Vensim, teaching participants how to use, compute and interpret these models.

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Status: Ongoing

Project period: May 2012-December 2014

Donor: Government of Malaysia

Country: Malaysia

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