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— theme: Sustainable Enterprise/Value chain development
— country: Global

IOE - 2010. This paper presents employers´ views on ‘greening’ and ‘green jobs’. Such jobs should not be considered in isolation from jobs as a whole and the other dimensions of sustainable economies, development and enterprises.

Publishing Year

"The IOE promotes and defends the interests of employers in international fora, and works to ensure that international labour and social policy promotes the viability of enterprises and creates an environment favourable to enterprise development and job creation. Its work on Green Jobs focuses on the impact of climate change and environmental policies on employment and social conditions
The current „green debate‟ encompasses many terms and issues surrounding them, such as climate change, low carbon economies, energy efficiency, environmental, ecofriendly, preserving biodiversity, resource constrained, green economy and green new deal. Many of these terms are undefined, indefinable, misunderstood and misused. However just as jobs have a direct relationship to economies, there is an attempt to differentiate green economies and green jobs. This is important as considerable sums, within economic stimulus packages aimed at addressing the current crisis, have been earmarked for green growth and green jobs. Policy decisions, measures and funding to address green issues are now so extensive that they have a direct effect on business decision making and will affect enterprises of all sizes and sectors."

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