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Day 1. Session 1: Sustainable Consumption and Production and Green Jobs (Janet Salem, Programme Officer, Programme Officer, UNEP)
Day 1. Session 1: Green policies and jobs for youth (Sukti Dasgupta, Head, Regional Economic and Social Analysis Unit, ILO ROAP)
Day 1. Session 1: Strategies for facilitating the emergence of more productive and greener jobs (Clovis Freire, Economic Affairs Officer, MPDD, ESCAP)
Day 1. Session 1: Discussions toward Composing Framework for Green Development Policy of Japan (Kenichi Sannabe, Deputy Counsellor, Cabinet Secretariat of Japan)
Day 1. Session 1: Innovative Strategy for Energy and Environment (The Energy and Environment Council, Govt of Japan)/ paper
Day 1. Session 1: Comprehensive strategy for the Rebirth of Japan (paper)
Day 1. Session 2: Opportunities for Social integration of youth in Asia - Pacific (Ermina Sokou, Social Affairs Officer, Social Integration Section, Social Development Division, ESCAP)
Day 1. Session 2: Green growth and Green jobs for Youth, ILO initiatives (Vincent Jugault, Senior Specialist in Environment and Decent Work, ILO ROAP)
Day 1. Session 2: Youth & Green Economy (Satwant Kaur, Information Officer, UNEP)
Day 1. Session 3: Tertiary education and Training for Green jobs (Vajira Perera, Director NVQ, TVEC, Sri Lanka)
Day 1. Session 3: Green growth capacity development (Aneta Nikolova, Environmental Affairs Officer, Environment and Development Division, ESCAP)
Day 1. Session 4: Pursuing Sustainable Indonesia - Green Economy Policy Initiatives and Role of Youth (Laksmi Dhewanthi, Assistant Deputy Minister for Environmental Economics, Ministry of Environment, Indonesia)
Day 1. Session 4: Principles of Environment Management in Bangking/ Paper (Santoso Wibowo, Deputy Head of Rural Bank and MSME Development, Central Bank of Indonesia)
Day 1. Session 4: Challenges for Investing in Small Scale (Kasemsri Charoensiddhi, First Vice President - Multi Corporate Business Department, Kasikorn Bank, Thailand)
Day 2. Session 6: Green entrepreneurship in Indonesia (Janti Gunawan, Indonesian Green Entrepreneurship Programme)
Day 2. Session 6: Green growth and Green Jobs for Youth (Janina Leon, Prof. of Economics, Department of Economics, PUCP, Peru)
Day 2. Session 6: "Good habits formed at youth make all the difference" (John Wali, Executive Director, Junior Achievement Kenya)
Day 2. Session 6: Green business opportunities for SMEs and Youth in India (Rajan Gandhi, President, "Society in Action Group")
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