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Green Jobs-AP is an ILO-sponsored Community of Practice (CoP) that promotes green jobs as a way of generating decent employment in the transition to the green economy. It aims to support the sharing and leveraging of knowledge, deepen understanding of the issues and encourage networking and debate among ILO constituents, committed professionals and practitioners, including those interested in the broader aspects of poverty reduction and sustainable development.

Information on upcoming events (including workshops, courses and e-courses, seminars and more), and relevant news items can be found on the main ILO website,

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Key environmental challenges in Asia-Pacific


Climate change mitigation: Reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. The Asia-Pacific region now contributes significantly to climate change, emitting more than 50% of total GHG emissions in 2010!

Climate change adaptation: Adapting to the adverse effects of climate change. The Asia-Pacific region is particularly vulnerable to climate change environmental factors such as natural disasters, heavily populated coastlines and low-lying islands, strong reliance on agriculture for income and employment, demographics, urbanization, energy demand, or price vitality.

Biodiversity conservation: Preventing biodiversity losses through sustainable agriculture, eco-systems, land use management

Prevention of desertification: Preventing/limiting desertification (river basin management, reforestation, erosion prevention)

Pollution prevention and control: Preventing pollution of environmental media (air, water, waste, soils)

Natural resource management: Management of water, fish stock and others