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Green Business Options (GBO)

The Green Business Options (GBO) is a training programme in China aiming to enable potential entrepreneurs, particularly youth, to develop sustainable business ideas and micro and small-scale start ups, highlighting the green business opportunities engaged in defining solutions to unprecedented environmental challenges such as climate change
GBO programme and development in China
Project factsheet
Provides GBO project factsheet.
Green Business Options Training Kit is a set of booklets, including the GBO Training manual, Trainer's manual and sector-focused Resource Books to provide trainees with methods and pathway to develop their environmentally friendly business idea. The GBO targets potential entrepreneurs, particularly youth, to better understand and seize the business opportunities emerged through defining solutions for addressing climate change, inclusive and sustainable development. GBO has been developed from an earlier training textbook, "Generate Your Business Ideas". GBO also includes case studies of successful green businesses.
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Contains multimedia communication materials.
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Status: Roll up

Project period: Tested, Regular offering (training package available)

Donor: Regional and CO-Beijing

Country: China

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