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This folder contains presentations given during the event
Objectives of the conference, Alice Vozza, ITC-ILO
ILO Green Jobs programme in the region, Vincent Jugault, ILO ROAP
Introduction to Green Jobs in Asia project, Matthew Hengesbaugh, ILO ROAP
Training and capacity building activities on green jobs in the region - An overview, Ian Barnes, ILO ROAP
Training and capacity building activities on green jobs: The experience from Employers in Sri Lanka, EFC
Training and capacity building experience from Workers in the Philippines (TUCP)
Green jobs for solar home systems in Bangladesh (Nabi Khan ILO)
GJA Bangladesh (MOLE Bangladesh)
The economic of cow dung - Creating green jobs in the dairy sector in India (Hideki Kagohasi, ILO)
Green jobs in recycling sector (Shyama Salgado, ILO)
Decent Work and skills for green jobs in the recycling sector (NIOSH/ TVEC Sri Lanka)
Green jobs in socialized housing sector (Jeff Johnson, ILO)
Eco-town initiative in the Philippines (CCC Philippines)
National Strategy on sustainable tourism with green jobs in Indonesia (MoTCE Indonesia)
Green jobs in sustainable tourism (Muce Mochtar ILO)
Greener Business Asia project (Camilla Roman ILO)
Green Business Option project in China (Satoshi Sasaki ILO)
Ecopreneurship empowerment (AV Peduli, Indonesia)
Innovative risk transfer mechanisms for vulnerable farming populations in disaster prone areas, Lurraine Villacorta ILO
Mainstreaming of green jobs in national policies and programs - An overview, Ian Barnes ILO
Green jobs and climate change adaptation, Climate Change Commission of the Philippines
Green jobs Community of Practice (COP), ILO
Green Building Council Indonesia
Green Entrepreneurship (Central Bank of Indonesia)
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