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Green Jobs in Asia Regional Conference

The Green Jobs in Asia regional conference will be held on 29-31 August 2012 in Surabaya, Indonesia. This conference will serve as an opportunity to reflect on the achievements and lessons learnt from the two years of the implementation (2010-2012) of the Green Jobs in Asia project throughout the five target countries (supported by the Australian Government - ILO Partnership Agreement 2010-2015).

The conference will provide a platform for further discussions with additional countries in the region on key messages related to creating the enabling conditions for the promotion of green jobs and decent work as well as supporting the social dimension of climate and environment-related policies. The event will discuss further inter-regional cooperation and action on green jobs, highlighting the critical role of the social partners involved in this effort and that of the ILO.

On this occasion, other relevant and successful green jobs experiences from the region will be presented to the participants so as to enrich the information base and discussions (see below). Also, an exchange of views with an enlarged circle of institutional partners and the donor community will be organized so as to increase common understanding of main priorities and challenges relating to the promotion of green jobs, greener jobs and decent work for countries in the Asia and Pacific region.

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