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Waste-to-energy industrial cranes in Singapore

Sustainable Business, 12 May 2015 - Konecranes recently received an order from Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co Ltd and Hyundai Engineering Co Ltd JV, who have been contracted by Sembcorp Industries to construct an energy from waste (EfW) plant in Singapore.

The order includes various types of industrial cranes which will be delivered in June 2015 to the plant currently under construction and targeted for completion in 2016. The order was booked in the fourth quarter of 2014.

Various markets around the world are showing growth potential in the energy from waste industry. As populations grow and standards of living rise there is a need to meet growing energy needs of industries and communities while respecting the environment. The development of EfW facilities accomplishes both these objectives.

Konecranes is well-placed to support growth in the development of new EfW plants with its cranes. The recent order for the Sembcorp EfW plant in Singapore comprises 2 refuse handling cranes, 2 ash handling cranes, 7 CXT cranes, 6 CXT monorails and 12 manual chain blocks. For smooth and optimum operation the Konecranes refuse handling and ash handling cranes will include various smart features such as; sway-control, TRUCONNECT® remote monitoring, target positioning and shock load prevention.

“Cranes play a crucial role in EfW as well as other modern incineration plants where tight environmental management guidelines are applied,” says T K Mak Konecranes’ General Manager, Industrial Cranes, South East Asia. ”A continuous material handling system with maximum efficiency and minimum downtime is vital. Our cranes with smart features will offer just that.”

Sembcorp Industries is a leading energy, water and marine group operating across six continents worldwide. Its new EfW plant in Singapore’s Jurong Island petrochemical hub will produce 140 tons per hour of energy in the form of process steam, using approximately 1,000 tons of industrial and commercial waste per day.

This is roughly 14 % of the total tonnage of waste bound for incineration in Singapore each day. By using waste as an alternative fuel to produce steam in place of fossil fuels, Sembcorp’s plant will provide a sustainable and economical source of energy to industries on Jurong Island.


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