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Overview of projects implemented by the ILO Green Jobs Programme in Asia and the Pacific
Decent Work in Garment Supply Chains Asia Project
Community of Practice (CoP)
Greener Business Asia (GBA)
The Greener Business Asia (GBA) project, funded by the government of Japan, aims at promoting capacity building and bipartite cooperation to support greener workplaces and sustainable enterprises. The project supports an integrated approach that helps companies to improve their triple-bottom line performance, linking environmentally-friendly practices to improvements in productivity and overall competitiveness, while advancing the Decent Work Agenda at the workplace. The GBA project has been implemented in Thailand and the Philippines, and focused on tourism and the automotive industry sectors.
Indonesian Green Entrepreneurship Program (IGEP)
The Indonesian Green Entrepreneurship Program (IGEP) seeks to promote green entrepreneurs in rural and urban areas in Indonesia, supporting the transition to a green economy. IGEP helps Indonesian stakeholders to develop an Indonesian based toolkit on green entrepreneurship as well as providing capacity building activities, and establishing a national green entrepreneurship program.
Green Business Options (GBO)
The Green Business Options (GBO) is a training programme in China aiming to enable potential entrepreneurs, particularly youth, to develop sustainable business ideas and micro and small-scale start ups, highlighting the green business opportunities engaged in defining solutions to unprecedented environmental challenges such as climate change
Green Jobs Malaysia
The Green Jobs Malaysia project will develop the analytical capacity of ILO constituents in Malaysia to assess the economic and employment impacts of a green development strategy through the development of a green jobs mapping study and a new analytical modelling tool (Green DySAM), to enable decision makers to better understand the employment (green jobs), income distribution, CO2 emissions and economic implications of shifting to a green economy.
Climate Change Adaptation Project (CCAP)
The ILO works with UN agency and local and national partners to help communities to access resources and reduce risk to disasters triggered by climate change. The project explores risk transfer mechanisms including revolving funds and insurance schemes, and assists farmers to diversify their livelihood base and reduce risk exposure.
Green Livelihood Access for Central Kalimantan's Inclusive Environmental Response to Climate Change (GLACIER)
The ILO pilot project Green Livelihood Access for Central Kalimantan’s Inclusive Environmental Respond to Climate Change (GLACIER) aims at improving access to sustainable livelihoods for local communities in the Ex Mega Rice Project (EMRP) area in Central Kalimantan (Borneo) for the reforestation of peat swamp forests. Funded through UNDP’s partnership with the Government of Norway, this 12-month project targeted at five villages focuses on (i) environmental infrastructure investments as a response to climate change, (ii) capacity building of communities and local authorities on sustainable livelihood creation and (iii) participatory methods for green value chain development.
Green Jobs in Asia (GJA)
The Green Jobs in Asia (GJA) project, supported by the Australian Government - ILO Agreement Partnership 2011-2015, aims to assist five Asian countries (Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines and Sri Lanka) in shifting to a low-carbon, environmentally friendly and climate resilient economy that helps accelerate the jobs recovery, reduce social gaps, support development goals and realize decent work. This folder contains background materials on green jobs produced by the regional component and five project countries.
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