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Climate Change Adaptation Project (CCAP)

The ILO works with UN agency and local and national partners to help communities to access resources and reduce risk to disasters triggered by climate change. The project explores risk transfer mechanisms including revolving funds and insurance schemes, and assists farmers to diversify their livelihood base and reduce risk exposure.
MDG-F 1656 joint programme on climate change adaptation: Outcome 3.4 climate resilient farming communities in Agusan del Norte through innovative risk transfer mechanisms
The ILO Green Jobs program in Asia & the Pacific is working with constituents, the financial industry and the local communities in disaster prone areas to develop new ways of increasing socio-economic resilience to climate change. The Climate Change Adaptation Project (CCAP) in The Philippines has developed and applied a local financing and risk insurance model to rice and corn farmers in vulnerable areas.
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Case studies
Eight cases on CCAP Experience from the point of view of Partner Financial Service Providers and Farmer Beneficiaries of the CCAP Integrated Financial Package (IFP) and the Weather Index-based Insurance (WIBI).The cases share lessons on working with climate vulnerable farming communities, providing them access to financial and productive resources needed for crop production and alternative livelihoods in the face of climate change; working on the farmers’ huge potential for savings; protecting farmers and their families through insurance; integrating non-financial services (training and other support services) for greater impact; and building partnerships for capacity & resource sharing.
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Status: Completed

Period: December 2008-November 2011

Donor: Government of Spain through MDG Achievement Fund

Country: Philippines