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Asia-Pacific Green Jobs Network meeting

The Asia-Pacific Green Jobs Network meeting is held monthly to share knowledge and facilitate networking in advancing ILO’s agenda for greening the world/future of work, with the aim to: discuss how the ILO is working for a Covid-19 recovery with green jobs exchange information about keeping climate change action commitments in place as part of the recovery measures for better jobs, and contribute to global efforts against the Covid-19 pandemic and the Climate Change emergency. The meeting brings together the ILO Asia-Pacific regional Green Jobs team including the Senior Specialist for Environment and Decent Work (convener of the network), green jobs focal points in the ILO country offices and interested staff members in the region. Recently, the network has also been expanded to include national constituents working on relevant issues in Asia-Pacific countries, thus developing into an important regional exchange and networking platform on Green Jobs and Just Transition.

Asia-Pacific Green Jobs Network meeting
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Status: Phase II

Project period: Phase I (2011-2012); Phase II (2013-2014)

Donor: Government of Japan

Countries/sectors covered: Thailand (hotel industry) and the Philippines (automotive/hotel industry)

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