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GBO Resource books

Contains resource books on eco-tourism, eco-forestry and forest products, distributed renewable energy, recycling and waste, energy efficiency, and circular economy.
GBO Resource book on circular economy
During a time of environmental degradation and resource shortage, the concept of environmentalism has been used exclusively during “conference” among developed countries, and has become a hot topic for governments, enterprises, civil society organizations and citizens around the world. Policy orientation and consumer demand have become more favorable towards eco-friendly products, urging capital and technology to shift towards business which also provides environmental benefits. The circular economy, from its inception to its development, benefits from this context.
GBO Resource book on energy efficiency
The decreasing energy supply cannot be addressed solely through governmental regulation or protests from society. Improving energy efficiency is both a solution to resolving environmental issues and an opportunity for new business developments. Excessive media reporting on such a newly emerging industry usually exaggerates the potential business opportunities, or neglects risks in industrial development. Entrepreneurs who are determined to create businesses to address the shortage of resources in China must accurately understand government policies, the development of the market and must learn from the experiences of pioneers.
GBO Resource book on recycling and waste management
Resource recovery has been attracting more and more attention in China in recent years, for it is not only good for the environment by reducing the waste, but will also generate considerable economic benefits. More importantly, the advancement of resource recovery will lay a solid foundation for the establishment of circular economy and sustainable development of China.
GBO Resource book on distributed renewable energy
Ever since the 1970s, countries in the world have attached great importance to the exploitation and utilization of renewable energy due to various factors such as the oil crisis and climate change. In particular, energy security and environmental protection have become critical issues since we entered the 21st century. Many countries have a strategic focus on investing in and utilizing renewable energy, taking it as an important technical option in face of energy shortage, environmental protection and climate change mitigation. Laws, policies, planning and regulations were drawn to guide and encourage the development of renewable energy.
GBO Resource book on eco-forestry and forest products
Ecological forestry and forests products, as opposed to traditional forestry where there is excessive exploitation, emphasizes that forest resources should not harvested at the expense of destroying the forest and the environment. It emphasizes on a balance between ecological equilibrium and forest logging and on the integrative harvesting of forest resources, such as “integrative forestry”. On one hand, we should not lay exclusive emphasis on the protection of forest resources. Local residences, forest owners and managers require profits in the reasonable management of the forest to motivate them to cooperate. On the other hand, as it takes a relatively long period of time to renew forest resources, which, once destroyed, are hard to be restored, we should avoid predatory exploitation, excessive deforestation and ignorance of afforestation.
GBO Resource book on eco-tourism
Development of the tourism industry is of great value to national economic growth, cultural exchange and the public’s physical and mental well-being. However to our disappointment, as the tourism industry kept developing in China, its development and operations have led to increasingly greater environmental pollution, ecological damage and conflicts with the local people.
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