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A Global Green New Deal: Final Report

— sector: Research, education, administration
— theme: Environment and climate
— type: Reports

The purpose of this report is to stimulate a worldwide policy debate on the urgent need for a Global Green New Deal (GGND). The main aim is to outline the basic 'framework' or 'blueprint' of such a strategy. Thus, this report should be seen as the first step in the process of developing a GGND. The focus is mainly on framing the broad dimensions of this strategy, adding important examples and explanations wherever possible, but is necessarily limited in the details, development, and discussion of specific policy recommendations. A GGND is not just about creating a greener world economy. It is about ensuring that the correct mix of economic policies, investments and incentives reduce carbon dependency, protect ecosystems and alleviate poverty while fostering economic recovery and creating jobs.

Edward B Barbier for UNEP
Publishing Year

The premise of this report is that the current economic crisis has brought governments together to instigate a worldwide recovery. Such an opportunity should also be used to address other important global economic, social and environmental challenges.

The report is organized around the three critical policy questions stated above, these are:

  • How is it possible to complement and coordinate current proposals to enhance global economic recovery and create new jobs and improve the environmental and economic sustainability of the world economy?
  • What are the key components of such a Global Green New Deal that are necessary for all national governments to adopt to achieve the objectives of a sustained and 'greener' economic recovery?
  • What are the various constraints faced by different national governments in implementing such a GGND, and how can the international community help facilitate governments in overcoming these constraints?
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