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Climate Change, its Consequences on Employment and Trade Union Action

— theme: Environment and climate
— country: Global
— type: Manuals

UNEP - 2008. This is Training Manual for Workers and Trade Unions on Climate change and Chemicals for workers and trade unions.

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"Trade unions are uniquely placed to sensitize workers about the impacts of climate change on employment patterns, to promote and demand that both public and private sectors develop programmes on climate change mitigation and adaptation as well as to train workers to contribute and verify that these measures are adequately implemented. The same goes for the impacts of industrial chemicals on occupational and environmental health and the promotion of chemical safety measures from both the public and private sectors. In this regard, access to information and training are necessary to improve working conditions.

The purpose of these manuals is to provide workers and trade unions with general information and guidance on how to deal with climate change and chemicals. In particular, it aims to enhance understanding of (i) climate change and related mitigation and adaptation issues and their consequences on employment, and (ii) sound and sustainable management of chemicals and of related risks in the workplace. The manuals target experienced or inexperienced workers and trade unions, both from developing countries and countries with economies in transition from Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Eastern Europe, and Latin America and the Caribbean. It attempts to combine different types and levels of information to suit the needs and interests of all. The Manual is elaborated for women and men, workers, who are in industry, agriculture, government and other public or private sectors.

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