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Decent and green jobs in Pakistan's agriculture sector

— sector: Agriculture, Forestry and natural resource management
— theme: Environment and climate
— country: Pakistan
— type: Studies

Pakistan is joining the Climate Neutral Network (CN Net) with a vision of making the country a destination of choice for International Carbon Finance investments and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects. Already, CDM projects ranging from biogas co-generation to energy and fuel efficiency are being implemented nation-wide. Now the agriculture sector in Pakistan has gained prominence in the wake of global developments in the field of green jobs which require projects in the public sector and the transfer of this technology to the private sector for conserving resources and promoting sustainable development with decent work.

ILO Country Office for Pakistan/ILO
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As follow up of this initiative, the ILO has launched a research study in the field of agriculture to find ways of promoting decent jobs without affecting the present volume of employment. The main focus of the present study is to:
  • Make an inventory of which organization or agency is doing what in terms of creating green jobs in the agriculture sector.
  • Identify potential employment-intensive green technologies which are currently ongoing or being planned for the future, and those that have an impact on poverty reduction, employment generation, sustainable environment and decent work.
The study was conducted according to the approved work plan and the methodology approved by the ILO. It was initiated by developing a pre-selection matrix of ongoing agricultural practices and organizations involved that helped in selecting the activities and organizations. Next, a data collection format was developed following the ILO's Green Job Assessment Tool . The necessary information and data were collected by visiting the organizations. The information and the data were analyzed and the findings presented in this report.
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