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Environment and Development News

— sector: Energy efficiency, Recycling, Renewable energy
— theme: Environment and climate
— country: Asia
— type: Newsletters

This is ESCAP's May 2011 edition of the newsletter on Environment and Sustainable Development News.

Publishing Year

• A vision for Rio+20 (p.1 - 2)
• Announcing the 5th Asia Pacific Urban Forum (p.2)
• World Water Day 2011 (p.3)
• ESCAP and KEMCO partnership on energy effi ciency (p.4)
• Announcing the Singapore International Water Week (p.4)
• E-forum on energy security (p.5)
• Announcing a new resolution on energy security (p.5)
• The 2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit (p.6)
• Training on Integrated Water Management (p.6 - 7)
• The food-water-energy nexus (p.7)
• Thailand seminar on Green Growth Policy Tools (p.8)
• Pro-poor renewable energy for Samoa (p.9-10)
• Pro-poor Green Business Model for Cambodia (p.10)
• Upcoming events (p.11)

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