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Global Jobs Pact: Promoting Jobs, Protecting People

— theme: Employment and socio-economic policies, Gender, Social protection
— country: Global
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The Global Jobs Pact is a set of balanced and realistic policy measures that countries, with the support of regional and multilateral institutions, can adopt to ease the impact of the crisis and accelerate recovery in employment. Adopted in June 2009 by the International Labour Organization, it calls on its member States to put decent work opportunities at the core of their crisis responses. It addresses the social impact of the global crisis on employment and proposes job-centred policies for countries to adapt according to their national needs. Guided by the Decent Work Agenda and commitments made by the ILO constituents in the 2008 Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization, the Pact recalls that that respecting fundamental principles and rights at work, strengthening social protection, promoting gender equality and encouraging voice, participation and social dialogue are critical to recovery and development. It proposes a portfolio of policies aimed at: * Generating employment * Extending social protection * Respecting labour standards * Promoting social dialogue * Shaping fair globalization In short, the Pact is about promoting jobs and protecting people, about responding to both the people’s agenda and the needs of the real economy.

Global Jobs Pact: Promoting Jobs, Protecting People

Brochure presenting the Global Jobs Pact

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