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Green Economy: Perspectives from the Asia-Pacific

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Summaries and presentations of different sessions of the International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific (ISAP) organized by the IGES in July 2013.

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Other sessions of the ISAP 2013:

  • Green economy: Perspectives from the AP
  • Knowledge sharing networks towards realizing low carbon societies
  • Green economy and economic integration in the AP region
  • Exploring reduction in the 3R: Improving resource efficiency in the AP
  • Low carbon policies in cities and creation of business opportunities
  • Green economy and Satoyama initiative: Building resilient societies at local level
  • Adapting to climate change: experience and challenges for Asia
  • Potential of city-to-city cooperation for low-carbon development in Asia: A case of the cooperation between Surabaya city and Kitabyushu city
  • Myanmar special session: Challenges and opportunities for green growth
  • Building a transformational Post-2015 Development Agenda: Perspective from Asia
  • Creating new financial flows: Extensive diffusion of Renewable energy through Green gifts
  • Comparison reduction of potential in key Asian countries for the two degree stabilization target
  • Pathways towards a Green economy in the AP

(Source: Summary and Presentations of individual session)

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