Green Jobs in Asia (GJA) project

The GJA project, supported by the Australian Government - ILO Agreement Partnership 2011-2015, aims to assist five Asian countries (Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines and Sri Lanka) in shifting to a low-carbon, environmentally friendly and climate resilient economy that helps accelerate the jobs recovery, reduce social gaps, support development goals and realize decent work. This folder contains background materials on green jobs produced by the regional component and five project countries.
Sri Lanka
The management of solid waste represents one of the key environmental and social challenges Sri Lanka is facing today. Un-decent working conditions, productivity gaps and gender inequality remain issues to be seriously tackled. Although the number of female workers tends to be equal to their male counterparts, most women carry out waste collection tasks, with few holding supervisory positions. Despite these severe challenges, the employment intensive waste management sector in Sri Lanka still offers huge potential for green jobs creation. The sector was therefore selected for pilot demonstration activities under the ILO Green Jobs in Asia project.
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