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ILO 15th Asia and the Pacific Regional Meeting (APRM) (Kyoto - Japan, December 2011)

The 15th APRM of the ILO was held from 4 to 7 December 2011 in Kyoto, Japan. The central message of the meeting, as originally planned, continues to be highly relevant to all countries, social partners and people in this region. Employment and social protection, backed by fundamental principles and rights at work and social dialogue, are critical to the recovery and to the pursuit of economic, social and environmental sustainability. Greater regional cooperation plays a key role in meeting the 2015 objectives of the Asian Decent Work Decade and in helping to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

Two Special sessions on Green jobs and Partnerships for Decent work were also held at the 15th APRM. The Green jobs discussion shared information on the opportunities and challenges created by the shift to sustainable patterns of growth in the region. The discussion examined green jobs' policies in terms of its support of work place rights and social dialogue, and considered the potential for combining good employment, social and environmental outcomes that benefit the poor and vulnerable people. Employment and social-economic policies will need to be streamlined with environmental agendas to ensure that labour, enterprise and social protection measures are in place to prepare the workforce for transition. 

The following documents will provide more information on the outcomes of the Meeting and Special session on Green jobs.  

Link to the ILO 15th APRM for more materials on other issues addressed at the meeting.

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