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— theme: Environment and climate, Industry (greening of), Sustainable Enterprise/Value chain development
— country: Global
— type: Meeting Reports

From October 6 to October 17, the Asia-Pacific Environment and Decent Work Specialist, Ms Lurraine Baybay Villacorta, participated in the Academy on the Green Economy organised in Turin, Italy. Ms Baybay Villacorta had the opportunity to take part in this knowledge fair, and present green jobs concepts, the role of financial system stakeholders, green infrastructure/works and green entrepreneurships. Ms Baybay Villacorta shared knowledge and experiences from the Asia and the Pacific region, while gaining insights from partners' experiences as well as foster collaboration in the work towards supporting constituents in the just transition to a green economy. Here, you will find resources Ms Baybay Villacorta presented. The ILO ICT has also launched an e-campus accessible via

Lurraine Baybay Villacorta
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