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Road to Our Future: Green Growth - National Strategy and the Five-Year Plan (2009~2013)

— country: Korea (The Republic of)
— type: Action Plan

The National Strategy for Green Growth, with a mid- to long-term (2009~2050) perspective, encompasses policy guidelines as well as specific action plans for various entities. It is an integrated grand plan which was carved out through a collaborative process involving numerous governmental organizations, industry, the academia and civil society. The motivation behind developing the National Strategy for Green Growth has been the necessity of building a comprehensive long-term master plan to address the myriad of challenges exacerbated by both climate change and resource depletion.

Presidential Commission of Green Growth, Repb. Of Korea
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The National Strategy is divided into ten specific policy directions:

  1. effective mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions;
  2. reduction of the use of fossil fuels and the enhancement of energy independence;
  3. strengthening the capacity to adapt to climate change;
  4. development of green technologies;
  5. the 'greening' of existing industries and promotion of green industries;
  6. advancement of industrial structure;
  7. engineering a structural basis for the green economy;
  8. greening the land, water and building the green transportation infrastructure;
  9. bringing green revolution into our daily lives; and
  10. becoming a role-model for the international community as a green growth leader.
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