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Road to Recovery: Mapping a sustainable economy

— theme: Environment and climate
— type: Working Papers

An IIED advocacy paper, commissioned by the Commonwealth Foundation, helped to focus the 2009 Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Trinidad on the imperatives of climate change in the short term, and of economic resilience in the longer term. This paper was the result of a consultation with leading Commonwealth civil society figures in environment, development and finance. It focuses on the positive contribution that partnerships featuring civil society, social enterprise and other ‘under the radar’ actors can make in tackling the linked global challenges, and on what is required to make such partnerships work. It highlights the potentials from investing in the productivity of ‘environmental assets’ such as soils, water bodies, and biodiversity which support the health and wellbeing of every Commonwealth citizen, the livelihoods of a majority of poorer people, and growth and jobs in major economic sectors.

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