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Spring Alliance Manifesto

— theme: Corporate social responsibility, Environment and climate, Sustainable Enterprise/Value chain development
— type: Working Papers

This Manifesto outlines 17 proposals for an EU that puts people and the planet first. It explains why these recommendations should be taken, and list concrete steps that illustrate how decision makers can turn our proposals into reality. Promoting green and quality jobs is included in the manifesto - focusing on reinforcing quality jobs and improving access for all, and ensuring a just transition to quality jobs, and help workers move into new emerging activities.

Spring Alliance
Publishing Year

The Spring Alliance is a joint campaign initiated by four leading European civil society organisations: the European Environmental Bureau, the European Trade Union Confederation, Social Platform and Concord. The Spring Alliance Manifesto is also supported by organisations from all corners of civil society and beyond, including Fair Trade movement, anti-poverty and health campaigners, consumer organisations and representatives from the research community.

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