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The Green Economy Pocketbook: the case for action

— sector: Agriculture, Chemicals and waste management, Conservation and biodiversity, Construction/buildings, Energy efficiency, Forestry and natural resource management, Recycling, Renewable energy, Research, education, administration, Tourism, Transport, Water management
— theme: Employment and socio-economic policies, Environment and climate, Finance, Industry (greening of), Sustainable Enterprise/Value chain development
— country: Global

The Green Economy Pocketbook: the case for action describes a vision for change. Drawing lessons from a series of national dialogues in developing and developed countries on a green economy and from across the Green Economy Coalition’s diverse membership, the pocketbook describes examples, stories and glimpses of a transition that is already underway. The Green Economy Pocketbook provides a succinct but comprehensive understanding of green economy principles drawn from a global, and multi-stakeholder perspective. It connects the dots between the many different actions going on at all levels – civil society, government, finance business – to show how that it is possible to transform economies so that they work for people and planet. It makes the case for a green economy as one that can generate economic resilience, prosperity and opportunity for all.

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