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This article discusses the occupational health and safety aspects of green jobs.
Green jobs to flow from carbon price: report
This article was published on February 28, 2011, on ABC News (
Green Jobs Community Updates #1
This is Green Jobs-AP's first Community Updates, a one-page newsletter where members can share and find news, events, resources and updates on Green Jobs and ...
Green Jobs: Facts and Figures
This two-page summary by ILO gives a quick overview of What are green jobs and describes the Green Jobs Initiative.
Green policies and jobs: a double dividend?
Nearly 40 per cent of all jobs worldwide are in high carbon intensive sectors. If we want to arrest climate change, this will inevitably create an employment ...
The social and decent work dimensions of a new Agreement on Climate Change
This ILO Technical Brief aims to highlight the close inter-linkages between climate change and the world of work, as well as promote a better understanding ...
World of Work on Green Jobs: Climate change in the world of work
World of Work is a magazine of the ILO. Featured articles in the magaine include: Trade unions contend with climate change; Green jobs: Businesses face the ...
Climate Change and Employer's Organizations
The ILO's Bureau for Employers' Activities has prepared this information site to help employers' organizations and their members to better understand and ...
Creating forestry jobs to boost the economy and build a green future
The article asserts that targeted public investment in forestry could generate about 10 million new jobs around the world, and examines the investment costs ...
Rebuilding rural India: potential for further investments in forestry and green jobs
This article examines the variety of jobs that could be created in India by increasing the allotment of funds to forestry under the National Rural Employment ...
The Philippines’ Upland Development Program: cushioning the impacts of global financial crisis and climate change through green jobs
This article briefly describes the Upland Development Program in the Philippines, introduced in 2009 to cushion the impact of the global financial crisis, ...
How Chinese forestry is coping with the challenges of global economic downturn
In China, the global financial crisis has already put the brakes on the forestry sector’s extremely rapid growth of recent years. Decreased demand for forest ...
Jobs in Renewable Energy Expanding
This article shows the green jobs trend in the renewable energy sector.
Green jobs: Improving the climate for gender equality too!
This ILO paper introduces the gender aspects of green jobs using examples from different countries.
Summary of the Environmental Initiative Seminar - September 2020
On 15th of September, Outcome 4 of the Decent Work in Garment Supply Chains Asia project held a webinar to discuss the preliminary findings of a mapping and ...